Speech Language Therapy

Speech Language Therapy services are provided during the school day for qualifying students. To qualify, students must be evaluated and identified accordingly. These students will have an Individualized Education Plan developed by an evaluation team that includes parental input. Parents are part of the team. Goals are written and progress is tracked and monitored regularly.

Speech therapy ranges from serving articulation difficulties (sound pronunciation) to language disabilities as well as pragmatics (social language) for those who qualify. There is at least one speech therapist per school building. Therapy times range in minutes according to need and committee decision. There is no cost to the parent. The district does bill Medicaid for billable services. In Arkansas, speech therapy is considered to be part of the special education services.

Building Therapist
Asbell Ann Grigg
Butterfield Laura Baxter
Happy Hollow Abby Ramirez & Mary Margaret Fox
Holcomb Judy Imhauser & Mary Margaret Fox
Leverett Laura Osborn
Root Elizabeth Williams
Vandergriff Sarah Canada
Washington Charrisce Craft
Owl Creek Elizabeth Bainbridge & Leigha Graham
Holt Middle School Tamara Henshell
McNair Middle Sch Lauri Cavell
Ramay Jr. High Kelly Thomas
Woodland Jr. High Sean Dugan
Fay. High School Blake Childers, Kara Cullins, Lane Mott